Seasick Rhino was started by two very hairy friends, Tuck & Andrew, who wanted to make a difference for rhinos in the wild. Tuck has been leading conservation safaris across Africa since Summer '91 and Andrew has been testing and creating outdoor apparel since Spring '89. Together, they're determined to create fantastic wildlife gear - the type found in Grandad Closets around the globe...

The Seasick Rhino name comes from a real-life story told over many seaside campfires, from the deserted plains of the Skeleton Coast to the sunset shores of Key West.

Once upon a time, an adventurous conservation team called the Wildlife Sanctuary Fund relocated a group of four rhinos up the Atlantic coast. The rest is history...

Location: The Atlantic Ocean

The year was 1989

The Wildlife Sanctuary Fund, a group of conservation adventurers led by an infamous conservation double-agent known as “Papa G” were dead-set on saving a group of four rhinos from certain death. They gathered the prehistoric beasts onto a borrowed tanker ship, heading north from the Cape of Good Hope to the Ivory Coast.

The group wore...

Weathered corduroy caps, shredded wildlife tees, tire sandals, and very, very short shorts.

The group’s truck – a weathered Land Rover Defender - was along for the ride. The ship was rocking in the turbulent Atlantic current, and man, it was hot.

Just then!

The roar of a rhino on the starboard bow. It was so loud they could barely hear the diesel engines below deck. Then another, then another.The rhinos were getting... seasick.

They needed to make it to land, and quickly. “Step on it!” yelled Papa G. “We need to get these rhinos to the Kalahari Beach Club… or break out the Dramamine.”

Wow, you're still reading?

The story will be continued.

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